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Nonobstant – Par Dessus Bord cd

The last sun rays of the day offer a receding light, but not quite enough warmth. You are caught wandering into huge stone rooms, where a distant piano…

Μillions of Dead Tourists – Υγιείς lp/cd

Dystopian bass class electronics

Habeam Corpus – s/t cd

Voices, flutes and dark, pulsating electronics create a dystopian soundscape where an even more dark, spoken word, narration develops. Texts by Paul Virilio, Byung-Chul Han and Charles Baudelaire.

ps stamps back – retrocausality cd

Dark, rhythmic electronics. 

Elugelab Survivors – flu d’etat cd

Sequenced synths meet with a violin on effects. The resulting soundscapes may have some faint odors of experimental folk, craut rock or noise ambience, but what will trickle…

Nouveau Nez

A dark entry in a maze of narrow streets and crooked houses. No wave guitars and tape loops, amplified objects and strange vocals. Could be a journey; but…

Nihil Verum – Σκατά στα Ανθρώπινα Δικαιώματα

Four tracks of pulsing, electric soundscapes and industrial technoids.

ps stamps back – au bout de la nuit

Obsessive sequenced electronics, synths and recorded sounds form 11 music narrations,  inspired by or referred to, different works of litterature.

DEATH DRIVE – Into the Never cd

Slow, agonizing, doom technoids – like the sounds of an approaching catastrophe.  A rhythmic ode to darkness.

KNONE – Ritual and ceremony cdr

Ritual industrialism from Ashley Davies and Andrea Croce.