Nonobstant – Par Dessus Bord cd

The last sun rays of the day offer a receding light, but not quite enough warmth. You are caught wandering into huge stone rooms, where a distant piano…

Μillions of Dead Tourists – Υγιείς lp/cd

Dystopian bass class electronics

Habeam Corpus – s/t cd

Voices, flutes and dark, pulsating electronics create a dystopian soundscape where an even more dark, spoken word, narration develops. Texts by Paul Virilio, Byung-Chul Han and Charles Baudelaire.

ps stamps back – retrocausality cd

Dark, rhythmic electronics. 

Elugelab Survivors – flu d’etat cd

Sequenced synths meet with a violin on effects. The resulting soundscapes may have some faint odors of experimental folk, craut rock or noise ambience, but what will trickle…


Καθολική άρνηση των υγειονομικών πιστοποιητικών σε κάθε μουσική εκδήλωση Όταν οι νότες χτίζουν τείχη, αντί να τα γκρεμίζουν, ας ευχηθούμε τη σιωπή Και τώρα που τα χειρότερα -και…

Nouveau Nez

A dark entry in a maze of narrow streets and crooked houses. No wave guitars and tape loops, amplified objects and strange vocals. Could be a journey; but…

Nihil Verum – Σκατά στα Ανθρώπινα Δικαιώματα

Four tracks of pulsing, electric soundscapes and industrial technoids.

ps stamps back – au bout de la nuit

Obsessive sequenced electronics, synths and recorded sounds form 11 music narrations,  inspired by or referred to, different works of litterature.

DEATH DRIVE – Into the Never cd

Slow, agonizing, doom technoids – like the sounds of an approaching catastrophe.  A rhythmic ode to darkness.