Obsessive sequenced electronics, synths and recorded sounds form 11 music narrations,  inspired by or referred to, different works of litterature.

released in collaboration with antzen
“These tracks were either inspired by, or made for various works of literature. Sometimes the reading of a book created the almost immediate need to  write some music whilst still under the influence of its words and images, as was the case for “the floating opera”, or “the inheritors”. More often it was the music first and then the memory of a book coming into mind – sometimes it was instantaneous connection as was the case with “todos los fuegos, el fuego”, other times my mind was drifting among novels and short stories trying to find a match. “Ubik” was something inbetween: when i started doing music for it, i was not under its influence, but the feeling of cold, frozen horror, its strange, other-world forms were always there, i just had to bring the book in mind and after all these years of reading it, its feverish visions were still there, ready to melt with and shape the music.
In any case, i did not attempt to create soundtracks for these pieces of literature. The intention was rather a tiny homage to some great written stuff. This and the pursuit of the total bliss of reading an inspiring book while listening to some thought provoking music and the moment when words and sounds melt into a timeless dreamy euphoria.”
Most of the music was done between 2017 and 2019 using a variety of instruments and sound sources, such as:
yamaha cs-20, dreadbox erebus, audiomulch, mfb tanzbar lite, SC six track, yamaha cs-15, Korg sq-1, beatstep, field recordings, mfb dominion
mastered by phillip (synapscape)
cover design: salt