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ps stamps back – μουσική για χαντάκια cdr

modern pessimism meets retro electronica. music for various catastrophes. fuck off happy people.

dyl / ps stamps back 7″

ps stamps back and dyl share sides and their obsessive ideas about twisted electronics.

Millions of Dead Tourists – s/t CD

Sequenced electronics meeting industrial. Or, maybe, noise rock meeting minimal techno. Or, as these guys shamelessly declare: Bass Class Electronics.

bryan saunders and ps stamps back – stolen dreams cd

bryan saunders speaks and records himself in his sleep, while ps stamps back dips this mumbling narrative into a bubbling sea of synths and electronics. twisted enough, it…

ps stamps back – μουσική για διάσχιση δασών cd

Drony and at times, rhythmic soundscapes, made for and inspired by some forests and mountains. Music intended to be listened while walking or driving among forests and mountain…

Eric Boros/Cities in Desolation – of trains and funky shit cdr

live recordings from their 2007 tour.weird experimental noise from mr boros and powerful drony sounds from cities in desolation

Rites of Dissonance – ruins, not monuments cdr

modified electronics, pedals,laptop,strings. noise drones and hard rhythms

Cities In Desolation_NoExit -live @ oblo cdr

a live impro between swiss noexit (sax,pedals, bamboo instr.) and greek-swiss cities in desolation (synth,contact mics, objects,laptop, pedals), + a live track by cities in desolation. recorded live…

Totstellen – ksr cdr

Field recordings of industrial desolation

Homefucking Is Killing Prostitution – lp

Noiz -and at times weird- technoids