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Totstellen – ksr cdr

Field recordings of industrial desolation

Olah Istvan – Muvek6 cdr

cello themes melting into field recordings, like the hint of sun on a cloudy day, or if you prefer it like this, like the hint of rain on…

Kiko Esseiva and Eric Boros – improvisations/bricolages i-iiv cdr

Piano and frequency generator join forces creating tense, uneasy soundscapes.

ps stamps back and monotonik – s/t cdr

noisy teknoids. recorded live at their home studio. listen

Tokyo Mask – manfool cdr

rhythmic and kinda hypnotic, scorn like sounds and slow, almost agonising rhythms

And the Wind that Will Come to Blow the Dust Away cdr

a moody rainy spring afternoon in damp and misty leipzig – 3 guys in a room with guitar, didj, sax, toy instruments and effects. 5 drony, melancholic almost…

NoExit – one step cd

Swiss Joseph Frusciante creates beautiful and dreamy resonances, eerie soundscapes and delayed rhythms with a sax and his self made bamboo instrument

drog_A_tek – live mcdr

21 minutes of free improvisation on repeating loops, like a long, never ending spliff

Strotter Inst – live @cinema oblo cd

Swiss Christoph Hess uses 5 turntables, without any vinyl disc, as sound source, creating a rhythmic, nervous and powerful soundscape


the live recording of a fest in athens, in a freshly occupied place, back in 2004, with drog_a_tek (melodic, melancholic experimentation), i.b.m. (technoids), ps stamps back (rhythmic noiz)…