The last sun rays of the day offer a receding light, but not quite enough warmth. You are caught wandering into huge stone rooms, where a distant piano creates static tension and weird machines all around you create small, repeating sound universes.

Despite the omnipresent urgency you are enthralled; and you keep on wandering aimlessly. And all the while something wicked this way comes.

120 copies. Silver printing in dark blue paper.

recorded between 2020 and 2022
cover artwork: kiko c. esseiva
cd layout: Sotiris Gekas

“Par dessus bord” is the first official release of Nonobstant, the music vehicle of swiss musician and maker of strange noise machines, K.Esseiva, following 3 self- released albums on tape and cd-r. Nonobstant is somehow the child of these terrible and terrifying last four years; and as such it reflects and expresses their pathology. The sense of unreal, the terror, the violent transformation of the intimate into alien and above all the ever-present, subconscious fear that “something wicked this way comes”; they are all present in the soundscape of “par dessus bord”, transformed into eternal autumn afternoons, cold winds, motion among ruins and hidden shadows looming everywhere. As the deranged powers of control and constant surveillance colonize not only the present, but parts of the past as well, so that “even the dead will not be safe”, “par dessus bord” creates a dark and ominous time-wrapped bubble; a moment of reflect outside of the manic onslaught of the eternal now of a new totalitarianism.