Ritual industrialism from Ashley Davies and Andrea Croce.

Comes in factory printed cdr.

Designed by M.Adamis.



Perhaps this album should have been called – The Second Coming: From Fear to Theatre

The history of the communal ritual and the cultural need for ceremony is of course archaic and well documented, since long before today’s conventional religious platitudes existed. When a seemingly straight forward of act of producing excess food and other such everyday survival necessity opened a path for ‘civilization’ to propagate the notion of commerce followed by the inevitable grasp of power, greed, control and the exploitation of oppression. From this time of the pre-written record, a slippery path of ‘evolution’ from campfire tale based on the cycles of Nature used for passing on practical knowledge of when to reap and sow crops or livestock, to the institutionalized corruption of contemporary religions.

This album is an imagined journey of ‘calling’ to those who might still feel this seemingly primal need to take to their place among the comfort of the masses. A suggestive epiphanal move to call upon gods past and present as they seek the healing of their spirit midst a contaminated and broken-down world.

Rather than presenting this set of songs in the usual happy-clappy folk way, we have sought out and summoned a time of ‘lost innocence’ in experiencing an ‘otherworldliness’. Evoking the time of the ancient mystic, of the forgotten primitive experience and seductive power, of repetitive rhythmic drums and chanting as they ring around the daunting acoustic landscape. The nervous anticipation of an act of apparent magic in a fire lit damp stone circle at full moon, laden with an exhilarating mix of fear, theatre, anxiety and enchantment. Overawed by the tingling sensation of a physical manifestation. The thinly veiled threat of sinister malevolence. A dramatic spectacle enhanced unknowingly by heady intoxicants. The overwhelming moment of bewitching amid the humility and euphoria of celebration. Naked spirituality.

Recorded at Minotaur, Poros. R66, Little Persia, Los Angeles. RnR, Bethnal Green, (& Nick Brown’s sofa), London between August 2016 & February 2019