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Rites of Dissonance – Ruins, not Monuments
(Tile Recordings)
Opening with a slowly swelling static hum Ruins, not Monuments transforms into a metronomic, glowering beast. Like Scorn but with the groove replaced with an unflinchingly relentless beat and some well placed shards of noise Rites of Dissonance have certainly created a beast worthy of the project name. It’s industrial heart is surrounded by a mechanical, metallic body that they contort and manipulate into a variety of shapes, all individual and all worthwhile. They’re unafraid of altering tempo or ambience and the album is stronger for it.
It’s not the type of music that generally floats my boat but I’m always happy when something takes me pleasantly by surprise and this surely did. (wonderfulwoodenreasons)


The same sound sources Iason used for his release as Rites Of Dissonance, which he recorded with Aris on self made electronics and effects. I am not sure when it is decided to make a new band name and when it’s simply ‘&’, perhaps when they go on tour? Musicwise this is not too far away from the previous release, but things here are more spun out. The releases with Alex has more shorter pieces, arrive a bit more quickly at what they want, whereas the five pieces with Aris take more time, develop more slowly but work more in a trance like manner. As such it seems to me that these pieces are more worked out, composed as a result of improvising together, and then deciding how make the final version. The element of techno is even further reduced, stripped bare to its most naked version. More like music released by Ant-Zen, me thinks, but surely a fine work too. (FdW) vital weekly