live recordings from their 2007 tour.weird experimental noise from mr boros and powerful drony sounds from cities in desolation



In 2007 Boros toured a bit with Cities In Desolation, the duo behind the Tilt Recordings label. ‘Of Trains And Funky Shit’ is the tour report of that. They went to Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Italy. The CDR opens with a strong noise/drone piece by Cities In Desolation, the way they do this sort of thing best. A concentrated blast working in a strict linear fashion of layered of noise electronics (guitar probably and lots of effects) and loosely played bass. Boros’s solo piece is taken from various recordings melted together into a composition. Guitar improvisations, vocal excursions and a bit of noise thrown in – but albeit not very loud. It’s all a pretty interesting affair this decollage of live recordings. The three of them played together in Udine, and if I understand this correctly, in front of an audience of two people. Here the improvised mood works well, they play together and make a great piece of noise drone music, not unlike the sort of thing Cities In Desolation do, but perhaps with a more feedback, that however sounds lovely around here. (vital)