Swiss Joseph Frusciante creates beautiful and dreamy resonances, eerie soundscapes and delayed rhythms with a sax and his self made bamboo instrument



no exit:: one step No Exit is the work of Swiss saxophonist/string bamboo player, Joseph Frusciante. These tracks are comprised of sax and bamboo sounds processed (via pedals I assume) to make the sounds collide and pile up on each other. No Exit is the perfect name for this project as the listener is met with a pretty claustrophobic sonic environment. The final track (in which Frusciante is joined by vocalist, Myriuam Boucris) brings a small relief to the listener with more gentle, ethereal environment is created, but even this builds into what sounds like Diamanda Galas & James Plotkin squaring off. This is great stuff!!! Recommended for sure! Released by Greece’s 1000+1 Tilt label.
—Public Guilt exit:: one step Behind No Exit is one Joseph Fruiscante, of whom I never heard, and on ‘One Step’ he plays, according to the cover ‘sax and bamboo string’, while on one song one Myriam Boucris sings. Those are the facts about this cd, while we are kept in the dark about other information. In thirty minutes, Fruiscante plays some powerful music, clearly recognizable on his saxophone and less clearly on his string bamboo. What the cover doesn’t tell us, is the fact that studio treatments play an equally important role here, especially delay and reverb are two important features (or perhaps I am wrong, and we don’t have a studio here, but is the whole thing recorded in a tunnel). Fruiscante’s music is minimal, even a bit drone related, but at the same time, and perhaps strangely enough it is also forcefully present, even a bit distorted in the deeper bass end of the release. An odd combination of mood music and some more distorted elements, Fruiscante moves here with outside any regular movements or rigid paths of improvisations, ambient, drone or noise. And that is, in my book, very fine.
(FdW) —vital