Noiz -and at times weird- technoids

Originally released as cdr on 1000+1 TiLt, this is the accidental collaboration between anal vissi and ps stamps back. It was a night of rain and thunder and from the 5 to 7  people of their band (adaptories) they were the only ones to appear and from a variety of music gear and drugs, they were left with only 2 laptops and one joint. They would like to think stuff such as : this is the stuff History is woven or Time stood still but both Time and History failed to  give a shit. They just smoked their joint, accused the other missing members of extreme pooftership and put their machines to honest work.



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And this is the original story, published on 1000+1 Tilt’s cd release:

It all started one sunday afternoon when we were to rehearse as adaptories after one and a half years. Was it raining?(1) Indeed it did and heavy rain it was and you can add some lightning for the effect when you want. So, instead of 5-6 people, we were only two and instead of a variety of instruments, mics, laptops, buttons etc we had only two laptops. And yes, instead of a variety of mind influencing substances, we had only one joint and some dried mushrooms. What was the choice for us, two poor musicians to do, except light it up and put our machines to work?

Thus we did and what came out was a 2 hours recording, quite unlike adaproties stuff, which was edited out to this cd. We are proud to make two things clear, maybe as a statement:

a) that no mic, acoustic instrument, or any other trendy electroacoustic enhancement, was used. What you hear is pure, old fashioned computer music

b) also, that from the variety of programs, plugins etc that were used none was bought (although we try to recompensate those who do a nice job). Everything was cracked, pirated software and yes, a big THANX should go to all these people from paradox, H2O, heaven etc who keep the inforamtion free.

Recorded on 14 of nov. 04, mastered by mr. Kurkle, released by 1000+1 TiLt01/05. Unauthorised copying, lending, mp3ing etc of this and any other release not only saves you money but kills the music industry as well (2). So just go ahead. for a jpg version of the cover just email us.

1. It should be noted that athens is not a city for rain. While, in london for instance, rain comes just natural, (sunshine makes englishmen appear unhealthy white), raining in athens is a story of overflowing streets and houses, heavy traffic and a general feeling of discomfort and misery.

2. To stay close to the truth, no, it doesn’t, not really. We hoped so, with all these stickers advertising “Hometaping is Killing Music Industry” back in early 90s and we, young and innocent as we were, dedicated ourselves in copying, trading, releasing, spreading etc tapes to do away with the fucker. But the music industry is still here, might smells funny, but surely not dead. But so are we, alive (although some of us might smell funny as well) so …