a moody rainy spring afternoon in damp and misty leipzig – 3 guys in a room with guitar, didj, sax, toy instruments and effects. 5 drony, melancholic almost post-rockish tracks to safeguard the quality of our dreams


I never heard of And The Wind That Will Come To Blow The Dust Away, which is a trio of one Thomas playing didj, strings, effects, Iason (owner of the label) playing guitar, strings, effects and mark playing sax, flute and strings. “Apparently all three paid homage to a delay unit” it says on the cover. It concerns here a live recording that was made in Leipzig, Germany, which was later cut and pasted, while parts of it were audiomulched and mixed again. Highly atmospherical in approach indeed, with a strong love for the echo, which smears everything together. Sounds howl about, fading in and out, creating a spacious affair. Not as retro sounding as Adaptories, but then perhaps not very modern either, but it’s throughout a fine release.