modern pessimism meets retro electronica. music for various catastrophes. fuck off happy people.

all songs worked and recorded during the last 6 years,  at peak points of humanity’s glory march down the drain.

mfb, eowave and  dementia synths, reaktor and audiomulch, string intsruments, field recordings and various pedal effects were used and abused for these 11 songs, moving from drony electronics to technoid melancholia.


panic attack

the end of the world again










The previous release I heard by Greece’s PS Stamps Back was a live recording released by Protos Orofos (see Vital Weekly 1028) and I thought it was the best release I heard from them so far. It was a fine combination of techno rhythms and bleepy monotrons. On this new CDR, which actually has a title in
Greek (which apparently means ‘Music for Ditches’) the techno element is pushed away, which is a pity. There is rhythm here for sure, but it is much a stomping and simple beat and not spiced up as raw dance music with a few exceptions, such as ’Tahrir Square’. The bleepy monotrons are still present and
the bubble, bleep, feedback nicely along. PS Stamps Back also say they use “reaktor and audiomulch, string intsruments, field recordings and various pedal effects” and in general the mood is not very uplifting. We live in dark times, and perhaps some of that grimness is reflected in this music? Especially when there is no rhythm and PS Stamps Back take an all drone like route, the music is pretty desolate, such as ‘The Marvelous Gardens Of Fukushima’. Other titles are also strong indicators of the mood; ‘Monsato Hymn’, ‘Arabian Spring, Nuclear Winter’, ’Srebenica’ or simply ‘The End Of The World, Again’. Hard to say it is an ‘enjoyable’ release, but I actually liked this quite a bit. (vital weekly)