a joint effort between minor and 1000+1 TiLt labels, dedicated to vinyl only releases in electronic/experimental music. in other words, a new and fascinating way to throw money…

GRMMSK – reality asylum 12 ” lp

doom dub, slow and distorted, like an unexpected chemical hangover, a sudden bad trip during your morning coffee. from the cold forests of  finland. listen

NIHIL VERUM – hibacu jimocu cd

Kicks, hats, snares, basslines. And a few samples and noises. Old school technoids in other words.

KIKO ESSEIVA – le temps des moteurs cd

Three pieces of musique concrete. Unnerving and at times eerie soundscapes, a soundtrack of disquiet. 

ps stamps back – μουσική για χαντάκια cdr

modern pessimism meets retro electronica. music for various catastrophes. fuck off happy people.

dyl / ps stamps back 7″

ps stamps back and dyl share sides and their obsessive ideas about twisted electronics.

Millions of Dead Tourists – s/t CD

Sequenced electronics meeting industrial. Or, maybe, noise rock meeting minimal techno. Or, as these guys shamelessly declare: Bass Class Electronics.

bryan saunders and ps stamps back – stolen dreams cd

bryan saunders speaks and records himself in his sleep, while ps stamps back dips this mumbling narrative into a bubbling sea of synths and electronics. twisted enough, it…

Millions of Dead Tourists


PS Stamps Back

project started in athens, greece, in 2002, defined by the person’s behind it obsessive tastes and ideas on rhythms, drones and noises. propagates negativism. uses and abuses analog…