Many of the 1000+1 Tilt Recording releases deal with people from Greece, but B'Tong is from Germany, being Chris Sigdell of Nid. His first release was on Verato Project (see Vital Weekly 486). 'Polar:is' is a release that is just one step further from a sound installation B'Tong did, together with Camilla Schuler and Brigitte Gierlich. It consisted of 'a white room with three looped record-players in rotating psychedelic light, plus a separate underwater installation where two live-performance in icy atmosphere where held'. In what way the release is related I don't know, but it mention natural sound and samples. Maybe because this release lasts a bit longer, we get a more coherent picture of the music of B'Tong. Moving away from the microsound laptop doodling, he enters the spheres of isolationist drone music. Deep dark rumbling bass sounds, with gentle, glacier like moving textures on top. It reminded me of what was called isolationist ten or so years ago, but more in particular Thomas Koner's earliest works. A bit dated perhaps, but quite nice for those who love their drones to be darker than dark.