Another enigmatic release from Inam, in substance as well as packaging. Here, PS Stamps Back join Olekranon. This self-titled release wavers back and forth between the haunting and the harsh, but its nine songs work offer enough enigma and passion to compensate for a style that becomes set early on.

"Hantaki" opens things with the sound of a phone connection slowly grows to abrasive noise, a low to high pitch that is the structure of most of the tracks." Sunrise Found Him Wishing He Were Asleep Instead" is a cinematic, sweeping ambient piece that slowly builds to a crazed tone that drives "Angle," which is a serious Noise piece.

The bands also offer dreamlike, shimmering Krautrock, with "Long Quest to Zero" the best example of that. The finale, "Juices Flow," is a deep industrial tracks, but with a sympathetic drone that makes it almost comforting.

Both PS Stamps Back and Olekranon make mysterious, moody ambient with overtones of brutal mayhem. This collaboration covers their favored ground with grace and assaultive intimidation. Through it all they maintain a measured power at ease in the mystic and the back alley.
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Collaboration of Greek experimental artist and KZSU favorite Olekranon, a match made in heaven. Great stuff for the experimental crew: electronic washes, glitches, combined with Olekranonís knack for drone+beats, really great stuff. All instrumental, clean. Fans of Sujo, the usual suspects.

1) (8:06) very quiet fade in, glitchy slow mindful beat with a low organ drone buildup, chill and kinda creepy
2) (6:11) electronic feel comes through, a tad sci-fi and trippy, olekranon beats trying to crawl out, ~2 min remaining a noise drone takes over
3) (4:25) cool disjunct beat with swirling droney noise, awesome
4) (4:01) takes almost 2 minutes but the olekranon cool beats we are familiar with finally appear, dark and heavy
5) (8:59) creepy electronics, chill
6) (4:11) electronic, chill
7) (6:55) pulsing rhythmic, swirling electronics
8) (9:22) slow creepy electronics with a rhythm eventually gets swallowed by sublime ooze of electro drone, noise
9) (4:56) chill and droney

PS Stamps Back & Olekranon - [no title]
(Inam Records 097)
This is an interesting and unorthodox collaboration. US noisy type Ryan (Olekranon / Sujo) Huber meets Greek glitch wrangler PS Stamps Back (I don't know his given name).
Opening with a deliciously understated solo piece from the European half of the pairing the album subsequently settles into a merging of their respective styles with glitchy, melodic rhythms and overlaid with hard but expansive dronework.
Like I said it's an unusual pairing but it really works. The music displays the dark heart that usually permeates the Olekranon recordings but stripped of his usual industrial metal drums and instead paired with his compatriot's light and mobile rhythms the music feels fresh and airy. I would go so far to say that the noisiest moments are when this album is at it's weakest. It's when it's at it's less intense that the music really swirls into life and luckily that is it's predominant state of being.
Another fine Inam Records release.
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