'PS STAMPS BACK & MONO.TONIK - EXP>>AND (CDR by Tilt Recordings)

Both of these releases include the ever restless mind of Iason, one of the keyplayers of Greek true underground music, mastermind behind the Tilt label, and player of electronic music with many people around him. But he is not the sort of guy to make things an one-off occasion, as he brings many of these projects on the road. The first release is a collaboration by PS Stamps Back (Iason's solo moniker) and Mono.tonik, being one Alex who 'played a computer'. Iason played insectos tropicales synth, audiomulch, strings and pedals. Although the cover lists various tracks it seems to me they are the result of one or more jam sessions cut in such a way that they form one piece. There is a strong interest here to explore rhythm and sound. The rhythm component borrows its ideas from the shaped minimalism of Pan Sonic, where the sound part are monolithic blocks of sine waves being altered and finely sliced. Music to be played in darkened basements as part of obscure dance parties. Not that everyone would in fact move to these beats, but the crowd will be moving. Post minimalist techno music and as such quite a nice one. (vital weekly)