..like defeated soldiers of a long forgotten war On the same label, different format though, is Like Defeated Soldiers Of A Long Forgotten War, an impromptu recording made by Michi, Pille and Iason in Basel in April 2005. A three session inside a studio packed with analogue synthesizers. The three hours are trimmed down to seventy-four minutes on this release. In all it's a minimal affair slowly developing synth music, arpeggio's and small, minimalist rhythms - a stripped down version of Pan Sonic, but expanded in length, as each track easily takes up ten to fifteen minutes. It works very trance and ambient like, even despite some of the harsher tones mixed in here and there. Quite some intense music that is loosely improvised but hold together in some 'sample/hold' mode of the machines. Captivating stuff that one should undergo that really careful listen.
(FdW) ----vital