'Katas' is the second release by Adaptories, or at least my second encounter with them, following 'Music Playground Revisted' (see Vital Weekly 463). I believe they are somewhat of a big band line up, including the use of five laptops, two guitars, one contact microphone, two trumpets, one drum set, one Korg MS-20 and effects. In a way, Adaptories sound very retro, a cross-over between the industrial music of Throbbing Gristle, meeting A Certain Ratio (trumpets!) or Eric Random (guitars and rhythms), or Cabaret Voltaire (some radio cut ups). Add to that the recording quality which is not really great, and this sounds like a survived bootleg from the 80s rehearsal space. Sounds perhaps I didn't like it that much, but I thought it was quite nice: spacious, psychedelic and a bit industrial. ----vital