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ps stamps back_music to cross forests

forest soundscaping.music to drive or walk inbetween mountain cliffs and forests.summer 2014.
river flow


|-- cdr

ps stamps back_monotonik- communique

three songs, recorded live at the studio, spring, 2011.
listen: imminence
|-- cdr

cities in desolation_noexit -
live @ oblo

a live impro between swiss noexit (sax,pedals, bamboo instr.) and greek-swiss cities in desolation (synth,contact mics, objects,laptop, pedals), + a live track by cities in desolation. recorded live at kiko's mixing desk, @ cinema oblo, lausanne.
listen: cities_noexit
read reviews
|-- cdr

olah istvan - muvek6

cello themes melting into field recordings, like the hint of
sun on a cloudy day, or if you prefer it like this, like the hint of rain on a baking hot day. works both ways. two beautiful compositions from serbia.
listen: muvek6
|-- cdr

ps stamps back _ botong

live collaboration in athens. field recordings, contact mics,loops, drones. soundscapes for frozen lands.
listen: not by fire
|-- 3 " cdr

sujo - columns

thick and exploding guitar layers of sound. swirling and hypnotic organic drones from usa.
listen: pillar
|-- cdr

the swarming of flies

strings,electronics,violin forming dark drony textures
listen:springtime in ruins
|--3" cdr

totstellen -ksr

field recordings and industrial desolation


manxome - all the infections that the sun sucks up

live impro exploding in a powerful noise drone


ps stamps back vs mono.tonik - exp>>and

drones, noises, minimal rhythms
listen/download fade to past


rites of dissonance - ruins, not monuments

modified electronics, pedals,laptop,strings. noise drones and hard rhythms
listen/download dead astronauts in orbit
sick kids on ketamine


casino burn - the 24th hour

equal doses of groove, mutated noise rock and strange melodies all mixed with 80s aesthetics.

listen/download the very act of observation


eric boros/cities in desolation - of trains and funky shit

live recordings from their 2007 tour.weird experimental noise from mr boros and powerful drony sounds from cities in desolation
listen/download eric in desolation


eric boros/ kiko c.esseiva

a piano and a noise generator join forces in a communal tense, uneasy and intriguing soundscape

listen/download pt iv


emissions of negativity

drony, subterranean journeys. electronic drums, pedal effects, strings, fife and laptop creating long, moody textures

listen/download προσοχή εις στο κενό


croatan ensemble

vasilis (family battle snake) and iason (ps stamps back) met in a room after a night of too many drinks, pink imperialism and sadly, unfortunate encounters with cops. it is therefore to their credit (being also their first session together) that they did produce almost one hour of powerful noise and drones which was edited to this release

listen/download how to fuck the sweet jesus out of somebody

ps stamps back - of loss and the spirals of time

a dark, deep and kinda desolate soundscape. an 80 minute use and abuse of strings, mics, electronics and effects.

cacophony no1 comp.

the live recordings of id (london), error flynn (athens) and line destruction (berlin) from the cacophony festival in athens. from noise electronics to weird loops and to minimal rhythms


kenji siratori - the cell city

harsh spoken noise word of a cut up cyberpunk style, like burroughs meeting bruce sterling. distorted, fucked up noise reading in japanese + booklet with the texts.

|--mcdr + booklet

mattin & axel doerner:: berlin

a study in tension and uneasy listening - abscences louder than presences; noises more soothing than "music". does it sound artistic? oh well..


no exit:: one step

swiss joseph frusciante creates beutiful dreamy resonances, eerie soundscapes and delayed rhythms with his self made bamboo instrument

listen/download sub

courtis/kiritchenko/moglass split

all three musicians put their sounds in the common pool and manipulate them, in the honoroued tape trading way. a co-release with carbon/tibprod/gold soundz/nexsound


like defeated soldiers of a long forgotten war

doing a small swiss tour together with pille (completely fucked up society) resulted all too often in endless walking, carrying all sorts of music equipment in our backpacks, two tired, overloaded with stuff on their backs, dirty and somewhat romantic figures crossing the oh so elegant swiss cities. like soldiers coming home from a lost war which nobody wants to remember.
teaming up with michi (m.i.r.) for a night in a wonderful studio in basel, resulted in a 3 hours recording on md. i later discovered somewhat embarrassed that only the left channel was recorded. i probably plugged the right one in a wrong output.
back in athens i did try and succeeeded up to a point to recreate the original stereo feeling. as if you really gave a shit.



adaptories - kataSadaptories:: kataS

a new music studio was ready. who was better to test its acoustic and to be more precise, noise limits than adaptories? so this session had a mission: the deflowerement of a studio. adaptories happily accepted and did their work professionaly. improvised noises declared war at prefabriquated rhythms. disastrous consequences

destroyed people in paperbags

botong - polarisbotong:: polar:is

chilled ambient of an experimental approach, from cold switzerland

listen/download feast with the swine

tokyo masktokyo mask

a kid and his computer from patras, greece. rhythmic and kinda hypnotic, scorn like sounds and slow, almost agonising rhythms

snakes, more snakes

and the wind that will blowand the wind that will come to blow the dust away

a moody rainy spring afternoon in damp and misty leipzig - 3 guys in a room with guitar, didj, sax, toy instruments and effects. 5 drony, melancholic almost post-rockish tracks to safeguard the quality of our dreams



strotterstrotter inst.:: live @ oblo

the live recording of the music installation by strotter inst., at cinema oblo, lausanne. christoph
hess uses 5 turntables as sound source creating a rhythmic, nervous and powerful soundscape

live at cinema oblo, lausanne (part)

p.s stamps back live @ Kalkbreiteps stamps back:: live @ kalkbreite

33 minutes of hypnotic and at times rhythmic noisescapes. recorded in zurich, april05

the whole release
|--cdr |

drogAtek livedrog_A_tek:: live

21 minutes of free improvisation on repeating loops, like a long, never ending joint


|--mini cdr |

goem/fdwgoem|fdw:: ep

goem|fdw means goem as frans de waard alone or is it frans de waard alone as goem, could be frans de waard as goem alone, anyway, it’s 3 new songs of the usual rhythm and high quality noises

one track


chefkirk:: kikkikkikkikchefkirk:: kik-kik-kikkik

a fight between music structure and in-ya-face noiz;don’t ask me who wins. from us-fucking-a


adaptories: music playground revisited adaptories — music playground revisited

more or less what happens when 7 people are together with lots of instruments, buttons, toys, laptops, various noise making devices and the desire to use them in a creative way. You can add or exclude drugs, fantasy, mental diseases according to your personal taste and the myth you want to create. What you get is the same anyway: free improvised music based on hard rhythms or harder sounds
listen/download the infinite of human stupidity


ps stamps back vs anal vissy:: home-fucking is killing prostitution

p.s stamps back vs anal vissytry to imagine yourself in our place: we were alone in a room, prepared to raise hell with noises along with many other people, who mind you never appeared, it was raining and on the top of it we had almost no drugs to organise a decent drug-frenzy situation. so we set our machines to work, mr ps stamps back doing mostly the sounds + noises and mr anal vissi creating mostly the rhythms, we filled our head with it and the next day we listened to what was recorded and said: yap sounds good let’s release it. that parts of it sound a lot like pan sonic might be coincidental after all

one euro in my pocket and a laptop on my back
listen/download better unemployed than an artist

p.s stamps back/idps stamps back/ id:: two live recordings

one edit from a ps stamps back gig where there is mostly a rhythmic industrial ambient and another edit from a live improvisation with id and ps stamps trying to synchronise their noises and frequencies
|--cdr |

p.s stamps back - absencep.s stamps back:: absence

sound drawing, weird droning, bass rhythms and a rather moody atmosphere

listen/download imaginary journey pt ii

|--cdr | released in October '04 |

cities in desolation - second basement transmissioncities in desolation:: second basement transmission

3 tracks originally recorded in 02. post-rockish melancholic tunes

listen/download second cumming

|--mini cdr | released in April '03

mechanorgymechanorgy comp.

the live recording of a fest in athens with drog_a_tek (melodic, melancholic experimantation), i.b.m. (technoids), ps stamps back (rhythmic noiz) and mecha/orga (powerful noise textures building up)

listen/download ps stamps back
listen/download i.b.m.

|--cdr | released in September '04

p.s stamps back - livep.s stamps back:: live

the recording of a live set in may 04. rhythmic teknoiz, amplified mics and ambience

listen/download the whole set

|--cdr | released in September '04 |

bjerga / iversenbjerga / iversen

bjerga (Fibo Trespo) and iversen (Tibprod) from Norway, join ideas and forces. their collaboration results in 4 tracks of harsh droning with dense and full textures

|--double mini cdr | released in October '04

cities in desolation:: space and other obsessions

space indeed is the case, rhythmic ambient noise the music, material prepared late 02, early 03 for some live performances

|--cdr | released in April '04

p.s stamps backp.s stamps back

4 tracks of experimental electronics, sounds manipulation, rhythms and algorithmic composing.

|--mini cdr | released in April '04 |

tore honore boe - melting snowtore honore boe:: melting snow

tore boe, member of the origami collective, presents 40 songs which equal with 40 noise explosions or one long noise attack depending on yr point of view. yes, he is from norway but this material recorded in canary islands

|--cdr | released in April '04

cities in desolation:: soundtracks for ruins

droning and quite depressive ambience and rhythmic noise. done late '03.

|--cdr | released in April '04

adaptories:: Failed attempts at ambient world

big basement room outside athens, 4 guys, long table full of toy instruments, laptops, electronic stuff, a bass, and a long, dizzy, night. what you get is improvistaions, weirdness, rhythmic textures and yap, noises


|--cdr | released in May '03

noisea - not quite livenoisea:: not quite live

two people from athens preparing a 50 min. live set. after a disapointing gig they record the whole shit in a two-track. technoid textures, tape manipulations w/ some power noise edge


|--cdr | released in October '03


cities in desolation - live acts 03cities in desolation:: live acts 2003

excepts of two live sets in slovenia and bosnia. moody and melancholic textures

listen/download live in mostar

|--mini cdr | trade-nice letter only

cities in desolation - anavyssos sessions ptI cities in desolation:: anavyssos sessions ptI

experimental post-rock/industrial, with bass, cello, noise, electronics and synth


p.s stamps back "78" p.s stamps back “78”

rhythmic industrial and noisy frequencies, kinda claustrophobic and neurotic. from athens

|--cdr | released in September '02

DroG_A_tEk "23:46" DroG_A_tEk “23:46”

experimental electronica and post-psychedelia, delayed and moody soundscapes, dragging you into a floating space. from athens

|--cdr | released in February '02


Asimi / Nesfidonymus split Asimi / Nesfidonymus split

2 “lost” greek projects. guitar lo-fi weirdness from Asimi, electronica by nesfindonymus


Etica Ascetica "10 years anniversary" Etica Ascetica “10 years anniversary”

covering some moments from the 10-years existence of E.A. the italian ghost project of industrial/ weird experimentation


it lies within - surrounded by evil, low on gasit lies within:: surrounded by evil, low on gas

9 songs of no-wave/post punk. recorded diy in a 4-track

listen/download eyes
listen/download starwards
listen/download surrounded by evil low on gas


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