Drony and at times, rhythmic soundscapes, made for and inspired by some forests and mountains. Music intended to be listened while walking or driving among forests and mountain tops, or more simply, as the greek title says: music to cross forests.



Vital weekly

Whenever I got out for a longer walk, which is never a lot unfortunately, I take my portable music device and listen to music. But whenever I am surrounded by trees and hardly any humans (with their dogs, usually, when it comes to having trees around you), I feel a bit silly with an earplug and maybe thinking I should remove them and be listening to the birds around us. Almost everything on the cover here is in Greek letters, but I understand that it’s music to ‘act as a background while driving or walking in mountains and forests. Most of the titles refer to Greek mountains and forests’, as the label tells me. It uses ‘mfb nanozwerg, monotron, domino, reaktor, audiomulch, insectos tropicales’ and some stuff in Greek. You can walk for seventy-two minutes playing this music before having to put this on repeat. Now, today, it’s windy and cold, autumn has arrived here in The Netherlands, and I went out to quickly buy some groceries, listening to two odd songs on my Ipod; it’s not the kind of weather conditions that would prompt me in taking a long forest walk. So, instead I sit at home and work a bit, mainly on the computer and I play this music. Now, while I like this music, I don’t think I would easily play this while walking. But while working at home: yeah fine. PS Stamps Back create rather easy going rhythmic pieces of electronic music, maybe with a marching theme I was thinking; it has a sort of motorik drive to it, with the synths bleeping around it, all ordered nicely. It’s music with a rather nice function to it: you have to do something. It’s minimal and tracks are pretty long – not always – but each of these pieces holds enough variation to be interesting for the entire length of these pieces. Sometimes it’s perhaps a bit too piercing, and thus perhaps not easy to listen to on a mountaintop, but the more gentle, monotonous beat driving/sequenced pieces towards the end worked quite well. Very nice release! (FdW)
Address: http://tiltrecordings.org