Cities In Desolation, of which PS Stamps Back is one half, toured Europe in October 2008 and while in Lausanne they did a recording with the for me unknown Noexit. Maybe Noexit is the one responsible for playing the saxophone on the their joint piece - the other piece on this release is just by Cities In Desolation. The collaborative piece is an excellent one. The saxophone blows circular movements, while the electronic background slowly masses a thickening sound of likewise circular electronic injections, even arriving at a sort of technoid tune. On their solo piece they have a similar approach: through a long ambient/drone opening of layered synth sounds, a rhythm slowly walks in which has a more pseudo-tribal character. Both pieces are quite good. Ambient music that moves out of the regular ambient atmospheres and into a musical universe of its own. Not entirely ambient house per se, but surely getting close. Cities In Desolation are still a bit too much of a raw diamond to create
very smooth music, which is something, I think, we should cherish. A great idea to release this after all these years. (FdW)
vital weekly


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