immaculate series_data for the people


ps stamps back _ live at yuria fest


recorded live at yuria fest, vinyl microstore, athens, 06.
contact mics, toy gen., laptop, pedals, amplified surfaces.

also released at desextea on line label



botong - live at vmradio


live recording on vmradio, athens 10/05/07



cities in desolation - live in sofia

recorded live at sofia, bulgaria, during a balkan tour
together with eric boros, april 07



ps stamps back vs monotonik - αναρχηγία ep
both songs recorded @yfanet squatt practice room, saloniki, directly on 2-track.was a pain in the ass to remove all the clicks and digital errors of the malfunctionning sound card.
track one recorded june 08, on a warm afternoon after 2 days of mind and body excess.
track two, the same, only it was jan 08 and freezing cold.

1. τα δεινά της αναρχηγίας
2. προελαύνων ζόφος






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