Piano and frequency generator join forces creating tense, uneasy soundscapes.


The end of the year brings three new releases on Greece’s Tilt Recordings, and two of them involve Eric Boros, whom we best know as the man behind noise outfit Hermit. On ‘Improvisations/Bricolages I-IV’ he teams up with the for me unknown Kiko C. Esseiva who plays piano, while Boros get the credit for electronics. It’s a bit of what you expect with a title like that: piano and electronics improvising – sometimes together, sometimes alone, which certainly delivers great moments, but sometimes also moments of searching for the right mood and atmosphere. Perhaps in a harsh, but so be it: what would be residue of the great moments, how much great music would have been left? I dare do not say, but probably it’s less than a third of the release. That is a bit of a problem with most CDR releases these days, certainly when they contain something that is improvised: in an attempt to be complete, they want us to experience the whole thing, the good and the bad moments. I prefer the hear the great moments, gents. (vital)