If you have any doubt (or hope) that humans per se is the the most advanced product capitalism is trying to sell, then try to spot a serious difference between the personal profile pages of blogs or myspace and the online catalogues of shops.

are you my friend or my space friend?

The ceasessly growing degradation in human communication reached a temporary peak with MySpace. Very rarely had i the choice before to see such despair, desolation and abjection in a modern phenomenon. People even thank each other for letting them be their "friend". After revolution which tends to mean "innovative product", friendship will no doubt sooner or later stink of corporate, ugly aesthetics and meaningless, junk, info or exchange of idiotic comments.
If there will ever be a science of an ecology of cyber space then MySpace will be one of the very first to have people from greenpeace chained outside its disgusting pages. Such a waste of information and digital space is scandalous. This is the definition of polution.
True, people do get contacts through it. But then again life flourishes in swamps and even sewage systems, but we still prefer (i hope) to breathe the forest or sea air.
There is nothing yours in MySpace. MySpace will never be YourSpace. And it will also look like SHIT. And all of your 23.162 friends are IDIOTS.


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