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#4 (february 05 - april 05)

..chefkirk:: fields of paranoia and fear The music of Roger Smith is a swirling story of abrupt
noises, rhythmic textures who are cut up abruptly by weird digital noises and sounds seem to be created by
raw computer data. at first there is no apparent texture and all this sounds rather chaotic and very
loosely connected but as you listen more to it (and pump the volume a bit) various stories appear and yes
it is mainly stories of paranoia and fear, indeed. nice one, released in only 50 copies by denmark’s organic pipeline
|--cd | organic pipeline c/o chefkirk

..guignol dangereux:: technopunk As the title implies kinda technopunk sound, that is, harsh technoid rhythms frequencies and noises, in ant-zen style more or less. nice and refreshing and if there was some more power to the sounds it’d be one of my favourite latest noiz-techno releases
|--demo mini cd |

..some asian female bodybuilders / evgenity gnoystrelev project:: splitSAFB deal mainly with frequencies neither too high nor too low, mostly static. not my cup of tea, heard too much of this stuff before etc. so the more complec textures of evgenity gnoystrelev project whatever that may means sound like a blessing to my ears. what we have here is industrial aesthetics put in action so noises and dense textures come out of your loudspeakers and then some rhythmic parts even some crispy vocals as well. nicely done I’d say
|--cdr | c/o perineum prod.

..kiko c. esseiva:: musiques pur hautes parleurs As its title implies, it’s music to be recorded and not be performed live. that is, Kiko employed various recordings, from the everyday to the weird and used various tape machines to mix and effect process them. the result? an intriguing, moving music naration which creates a rather jazzy atmosphere. so, no “kitchen industrial"” here, but a series of stories and atmospheres which although you’d expect them to, don’t reach a climax and leave you somewhere in between, sort of frustrated when the cd reaches its end. but it’s ok, cuz you can play it back, can’t you?
|--cd | released through manufracture,

..klimperei:: la tordeuse a bandes obliques Issued on the occasion of one year’s earthly
existence of maria-amaryllis, as it states in the cover. so, what you have is some nursery songs, and
some other kind of stuff, too far out to be my cup of tea. the singing is also in french. oh well.. never into the baby humans myself , too many of the wee fuckers anyway, let alone ones that I don’t know or ain’t responsible for
|--cdr | released by absurd

..noise decay:: noises and such from denmark vol.1 Apparently a comp. with dannish acts, covering not so much the noise tendency but more the experimental electronica one. all in all a nice listen, some nice
stuff some not so exciting, 16 bands all in all with kons, hentai, noianiz and rebel inc. leaving me the
most impressions. worth a listen
|--cdr | c/o organic pipeline

..howling ghost proletarians:: dead roads Two french guys with guitars, walkman and amplifiers
record 8 moody, melancholic songs. the atmosphere is quite inspiring here, as the sound moves between old
blues to post-rock, sliding guitars and recorded voices having a powerful effect. nice for late night
lonely drinks, I’d say.
|--cd | c/o absurd

..anla courtis:: y el resplandor de la luz nop conoce Or and the glimmer of the lights knows no limits as it can be translated into english. reynols’ courtis employs here guitar, mouthharp & hawk bells so you
can guess it’ll sound more to the psychedelic aspect of reynols than the noise one. the truth lies elsewhere I’d say, as what we have here is a long drone which swirls around you growing in intensity until you are lost into it. yes, nice stuff
|--limited mini cdr | released by 267lattajjaa, c/o



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