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#3 (october 04 - january 05)

..reynols:: I'm not sitting in a room with reynols A live recording of a concert in france, 02/03. the usual psychedelic/power noise sheer madness of Reynols is not excactly present here. amplified textures, weird repeating sounds and maddening repeating chants, build an encompassing atmosphere instead
|--cdr | absurd

..orion A mix of real instruments and electronic stuff with one guy probably multitracking all these to create strange and psychedelic atmosphere. the dark/ritual element is ever-present but what makes you wanna listen to it again, is the personal sound and approach to synthesis. a nice and moody recording
|--mini cd | minor

..zzz:: breath in breath out Zzz is a musician based in athens, releasing his music in cdrs for free. this is his third release, again with no artwork. at times groovy, at others somewhat irritating, mostly claustrophobic and definitely on the weird side, it can be both catchy and appaling at the same time. 100% computer sounds with attitude as well. definitely worth a listen. if you are not a (un)lucky inhabitant of the centre of athens, you can also download lots of his stuff at zzz

..noisiv:: variations One of the many releases of these aural environment artists. music for wandering in big halls, tense and with an industrial edge, sounds to accompany rows of violent video images or to construct a tense (although somewhat static) soundscape
|--cdr | noweb

..hermit:: cabaret experimental This is a live performance of mr Eric in athens. what you get here is 20 min. of weird humour, experimental music and yet more weird humour. if you were lucky enough to attend one of his performances then this one is a must. if not although it can't convey the intensity of the actual live gig, I'd say it's a must as well
|--mini cdr |

..leif elggren:: virulent images virulent sound A conceptual cd based on the (rather absurd) theory of images of virus which could be infectious as well. L.Elggren (Sons of God) then explores the virality of sounds but all you get is some kind of micro-farts as if you want to torture a contact microphone but you are too bored to do it the proper way. me, I never believed in infections, let alone sound ones..
|--cd | firework edition records

..hansel:: sickle celluloid Parts of hip-hop, noiz techno and an aftertouch of mainstream u.s. indie music seem to describe the music analogies of Hansel. the 4 songs themselves are nicely done, with satisfying amounts of intensity, good music ideas and with a healthy amount of sonic abuse. an interesting one, although too mainstream (especially in the lyrics) for me

..ashtray navigations:: to your fucking feathered wings Imagine godspeed you black emperor left with only toy instruments, imagine yellow light bursting suddenly in a room, imagine cheap synths aquiring a live resemblance and sing their way to psychedelic revolution. none of this will have something to do literally with this 3 song cd, but then again these bittersweet drones melt like a chemical sweet in your mouth. oh, well..
|--cd |

..the divisive:: do we only dream? Fast and well played american style hardcore punk with political lyrics. it contains 10 songs which are nice to listen but on the other hand it's hard to find any different element or any more intense point. or is it maybe that listening no more this genre I expect to find something exceptional when I come across a new recording?
|--7'' |

..socialistic.johnny.goblet / zloj.pop:: split SJG (us) play a home style noiz improvisation using (I can only guess) various effect units, guitars and maybe some unusual items - who can really know? I guess it was fun doing this and listening to it you can find some nice parts where the sounds get together (well sort of). but mostly it's mainly interesting as an example of home experimentation. ZP (russia) use their guitars also primitively and even more abstractly. I couldn't get into it. again sounded like fun to do it, but not so much fun to listen to it
|--tape |

..dave phillips and eric boros:: easy vegan cooking A live collaboration between two well known and respected experimental performers/noiz artists. first things first, nice 7” package. as for music, well, eh, you see.. fact is I did not get a thing. yeah ok, some sounds, probably some cooking apparatus at work intensified through microphones, did not sound too appetizing to tell you the truth. I mean I'd be rather unwilling to eat anything from a kitchen where sounds like these emerge, vegan or not, but that's another story. as usually I guess the performance might be great to watch and listen but through your stereo it's sounded more like a waste of digital space to me. give me coherence, give me meaning
|--cd | manufracture, eb exit:: obsessions J.Fruisciante (switzerland) uses sax and his self made bamboo instrument, one at a time. I never liked saxophone myself, but when you listen the opening track you can not help but lose yourself in the wonderfull resonances and the discreet melodies emerging from a very nice use of this so hateful instrument. and then the distorted rhythms of the bamboo instrument take all this great melancholy away only to be replaced by yet more resonances and experimenatl sounds. a really great self released cd
|--cd |

..mecha/orga:: float Mecha/orga produces a kind of grainy, dense ambient. noises are granulary manipulated, break down and the fragments add up to form crispy, moving soundscapes. track no2 of this cdr is an eloquent and gripping synthesis of sounds and I’d say it’s the masterpiece of this release. as for the rest of the stuff some of it was also interesting, gripping experimental ambient stuff, while some other (like the opening track) sounded like a bit boring experimentations in grainy noise building. all in all a nice and inspiring study in digital ambient droning
|--cd |

..androvirus Starts with some digital noise creating rather abstract soundscapes, ya know the stuff that can fill a space very nicely but doesn’t quite fit in your stereo, but while the cdr moves to the third and fourth track forms emerge and later rhythmic structures merging with controlled noises. the whole result is still quite “abstract” in general terms, but can also keep you interested and hopefully generate some mental responses to an over-fed with “experimental” post-modern artistic gibberings, listener
|--demo cdr | androvirus

..hansel:: sub atomic particles The second release i happen to come across from this duo. rhythms flirting with hip hop and illbient and songs well structured. somehow they made me think of Scorn and .. yes, Marilyn Manson so after listening to them for the 4th time I’m still quite puzzled. I mean sound sof good quality and nice to listen songs but still their vocals are somehow too mainstream for me. but then again, fact is: a very well done cd-ep, definitely wrth to give a listen
|--cdr-ep | hansel