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#2 (april 04 - september 04)

..hhtp:: live This is maybe my favoutrite hhtp's recording I've listened so far and it's done in may 03, at minsk. an evolving, tight soundscape is spreading in front of you, after a while moving with you, while frequencies create a liquid aural field. the floating sense is lost abruptly and suddenly the soundscape becomes dark and dangerous and then again frequencies dissolve it. one of the best and most evolving pieces of ambient music I came across lately
|--cd | c/o

..hhtp:: t.r.a.g.matics According to the info this is a recording by some algorithmic music system (t.r.a.g.?) which I guess is suitably programmed and then left to play alone as various processes trigger aural events. the result is a quite abstract hi-fi environment, which is a nice listen but not really involving, seeming like designed to dress rather than impose itself over a space
|--cd | (above) lang:: raumtransport One track (21 min.) based on a springreverb effect. doesn't sound very promising but the result is a nice, clean, somewhat liquid and travelling sonic environment as a modular system adds some loop-y rhtythmic textures under warm nad moving frequencies with the whole sound reminding a lot older r.ikeda's works. excellent for frequency-bathing freaks
|--cdr | c/o

..murmer:: definition First track moves around a dark, haunting sound as it changes over time and field-recording based rhythms. a quite strong piece with something like a damp, deep, basement touch. track no2 is constructed by rather abstractly placed manipulated filed-recording sounds which didn't catch my attention and the last track is a long and not-so consistent soundscape, created by various manipulated field-recordings with an analog feel, nice for big spaces I guess. all in all an interesting release
|--cdr | c/o | released by absurd (which naturally means very nice aesthetics and packaging)

..NNEN I'm puzzled. is this a compilation cd or a collaboration between the infamous mr. Pille Weibel and Pelang? or something completely different? the info on the cd is not adequate or maybe I'm just stupid, BUT you shouldn't care, 'cuz the music is very nice. most of the tracks seem to be created from computer manipulation of sounds, frequency generators and modular systems, you get all these naked, pulse, square or sine frequencies and modular system rhythms and the whole stuff has a nice analog taste. makes you wanna dive again in your sound producing programs
|--tape+cdr | available through: pille, pobox5037, luzern 6002 switzerland |

..mattin / rossy parlane:: agur A live recording, some high, thin frequencies moving in the realms of the in-audible which slowly become louder and other like mic=amplified sounds enter the scene, some abrupt changes in the volume and the “action” of the music, which never gets really loud. maybe live would keep my attention, but in the form of cd it left me quite unimpressed and uninterested
|--mini cdr | matin released by absurd

..g.las 04/03 (+some arabic letters I can't reproduce) the main instrument of this cd seems to be the good old mixer. sounds, vilyl, cds, recordings etc are mixed together with an oriental muslim music orientation. the sound environment is rich and refreshing, while muslim folk songs succed clean frequencies. very pleasant and interesting
|--cdr | sensitivewormrile c/o

..philosopher's stone:: august, snow, pieces It made me a bit bored in the first minutes but then it slowly evolved in a rich and interesting sound space which makes you wanna explore hidden niches of it everytime you listen to it. nice one
|--cd | garethmitchell | released by absurd

..omnia:: cifln timper A string based, manipulated loop is being repeated and decelopped over time creating a warm, touching drone of around 20 minutes, leaving the listener with a worthful aural experience. released in decent quality mp3 and nice artwork by fukkgod one of the most interesting experimental mp3 labels
|--mp3cdr | fukkgod makes a quiet mind - v/a Well, definitely, not this one. a finnish comp. of experimental lo-fi noise scene with an obvioulsy ironic title and with 6 projects taking part. what you get here is a noise attack by Haare, some lo-fi experimentation with voices and noises which I couldn't really dig by Rats With Wings, some noise mayhem by Toni Kandelin, two nice constructed tracks of noise-electronics by Uton (my favourite act of this cd) and yet more sonic mayhem by Armenia and Gelsomina, with the last leaving you somewhat dizzy. interesting and definitely a good tool to punish yourself and your friends for your obscure sins
|--cd | released by mir records c/o

..macska leaves - v/a 15 bands of the experimental lo-fi/noiz scene. starts with the vomiting and coughing sounds by Dave Phillips and it evolves in a sometimes unbearable compilation of various noises, fractured soundspaces and interetsing experiments with acts like Jalopaz which construct a very nice “song” out of 2 sounds (a short electronic frequency and a bong like sound) and slightly modified from I think missirlou, Hermit deconstruction with his shit-noiz, lo-fi weirdness/experimental and noises by Completely-Fucked-Up Society, Kiko and Marylise and various others including No Exit, Sudden Infant, Andrei Dergatchev, Bastard Noise, to name but a few
|--cd | released by manufracture c/o

..eggandwe:: zvuuk (I hope I got the title right) two tracks of experimental electronics from republic of belaurus, a nice industrial touch, with a rather abstract aproach. no info cdr a home recording of experimenatl music. the rhythmic, the noisy and the experimentalism with sounds meet here and some nice ideas emerge and there is a variable music environment. I missed a more consistency in all this but all in all gave an interesting listening experience. the name of the project has a literal meaning, no info is provided on the cdr apart that is apparently a one-man project from saloniki, greece
|--cdr machines:: pure product Rhythmic noise electronics with the expected attack of frequencies and harsh sounds. nice thing is, for its most part it is not the usual computer generated noise something that adds to its intensity, on the other hand listenining to the first 3 tracks, I found it too harsh as ambient-droning and not too attacking for some noiz session. track no 4 (red halo) though, swirls around you like an insistent dream or a hard-to-get rid-of obsession and leaves you with a sense of redemption, or maybe something else, an eventful aural experience anyway. nice
|--cdr | cheapmachines pobox3037, CR2OXN uk

..arc vs unravelled brown cassette tape lying on a freeway:: live at ambient ping A live recording of 04/03, done with guitars, bass, drums and various effects. the first track starts smoothly while various layers of sounds and noises are being added, something like the quiet post-rock version of hovercraft. the cdr continues in this calm and somewhat lo-fi atmosphere but it gave me the impression that after a while the absence of intensity and of something happening made it a bit too much. things get a bit more interesting towards the end with something like a ghost-y cover of p.floyd's set the control for the heart of the sun. all in all nice to listen but mainly as background
|--cdr |

..chromatic field remixes This is basically a collection of tracks based on material by live recordings of chromatic fields, done by experimental musicians such as Androvirus, Kverneland, Sciss, Frgmt and Lifeloop. I dunno in which extent the remixes changed the original material but what we have here is mainly experimnentation with sounds and layers. some tracks, especially in the beginning, are rhythmic and noisy, some others more ambient and abstract. I'd for sure like to listen the original recordings as well, but even as it is, this is an interesting release, suitable for many listenings
|--cdr |

..orion Apparently a one-man project with some collaborations, using a variety of instruments both acoustic and electronic. so what we have here is 4 nice songs (or rather 3 nice and one somewhat weird) with dark and melancholic atmosphere. ethereal and at times noisy but mostly yes, melodic, with nice aesthetics as well. released by a new and promising label
|--mini cdr | minor

..orion A longer release somewhat more lo-fi (at times giving the feeling of the warm and nice 4-track recordings) but also more varied in its atmosphere. again the general mood here is dark, 1-2 songs are rhytmic noise but mostly it's weird, melodic and experimental songs reminding somehow psychic tv's stuff. recommended as well
|--cdr | minor

..myna:: kreislicht Another release by minor. noisy and dark electronics with many rhythmic (distorted) parts, and lo-fi melodic sounds in a rather paganistic atmosphere. something like the music you could expect to do by connecting electronic kits and instruments in a big field surrounded by a dark forest. well, this was not an accurate description I know, anyway, yes the music is in many cases involving and interesting. for sure something worthful to listen to

..antireality:: the cycle A noise project form letvia (I think), it starts with a static noise wall, not too intense but not involving any happening just a layer of noise, while sublte layers of rhythms and sounds come and go. this goes on for a while until we reach a part of repeating noisy rhythm which push the soundscape forward only to be dissolved later in a wall of lo-fi noise. interesting, but then again, with so many noise releases around..
|--tape |



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