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#1 (december 03 - march 04)

..rabbitspeech This is a recording of the soundscapes and music for a theatre performance by s.t produced by the performer in collaboration with 3 other experimental artists from athens. I'd expect the soundscape to be rather abstract, nevertheless there is a rich sound texture consisting of digital sounds and amplified objects and mic sounds which sometimes dominates in space. there are 1-2 nice plays with volume in the recording adding to the intensity and the consistency of the soundscape + a nice quality of sounds who leave space for interpretation and action. I haven't seen the actual performance but this recording makes me wish I had. on the other hand, as a standalone release doesn't make me play it again and again
|--cdr | absurd #19

..0/1 One-man project home recording in a computer with a nice hand-made cover. the 11 tracks of this cdr are mainly consisting of various synths which dominate in the audio-space and digital drum samples which usually tend to be of a free-rhythm nature. the music moves and swirls around, never resting, being thus rather intense and somewhat stressy. not an easy listening stuff, not something you can use as a background, it demands your attention or at least it will influence your actions. almost all the sounds are digitally-clean which normally I don't like so much, although here fit to the whole atmosphere
|--cdr |

..mecha/orga Another one man project from athens. kinda ambient with well worked and -maybe a bit too - clear sounds and an experimental approach to music synthesis. all tracks flirt with both melody and rhythm, creating a smooth environment which at times moves you but mostly remains in the background. some voices and ambience sounds are mixed in some songs, while the last track seems to consist entirely of an effected song from marnie. nicely done, a bit too classic -regarding the sounds and the stucture- for me, but all in all a good and promising work
|--cdr | kassaveti 20, athens 14562 greece

..pelang | waldrand A very nice release. deep, droning sounds with use of generators, a couple of tracks have a neurotic (granular-effected?) rhythm which really adds to the intensity, some other tracks have nice droning textures which can make you wander into their soundscape. combining the harsh and the smooth with good taste, it's something you want to listen to various environments and occasions. Yeah, get it!
|--tape |

..slicing grandda Feedback, amplifier noise, some drums in the background the bass and distorted guitar dominating, a constant hiss during the whole recording and vocals in the early industrial style + titles like fuck it all and your my waste. something like early throbbing gristle? a general in your face attitude, raw and harsh. you can also listen the clicks from the buttons of the tape (I guess) when each song finishes. certainly not original, but hey, at least it was alive and at certain points kicking
|--cdr |

..dave phillips:: IIII Clever experimental noise music. I dunno what to say more, throat sounds, micro noises and at times total freaking loud noises and then again, a subtle texture with micro and weird mic(?) sounds, clicks and ac static. I'd like to see this one performed live, it's not something I will play very often in my stereo though. nice packaging with silk printing
|--cd | manufracture

..discotheque.gronland / cfs_discotheque.siberia:: split D.siberia play something like lo-fi experimental music, with lots of voices samples and lo-fi electronic rhythms, weird and moody (as usual), while d.gronland offer us two long, nice, travelling, deep tracks where synths, simple rhythm and droning sounds create a melancholic and moody environment. although the two sides have a lot of differencies in style the general feeling is the same: a winter morning, no job, coffee and thinking back or forward. add the fake snow from the package and what you have here is another nice item of the diy scene
|--tape |, pobox5037, luzern 6002 switzerland



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