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#12(november 08)

SUJO - arak 3" cdr
Part of a trilogy (all 3" cdrs), arak lays down a carpet of sounds from the very seconds. Noises, howling sounds and feedbacks build a mind blowing, long, dreamy organic drone which is later enriched with subtle melodies. Swirling, powerful noise drones. you should also check their other two 3"cdrs and their cdr release as well. All on the inam records label (inamrecs@yahoo.com)

DISTOPIA - the somnabulist cd-r
A new (as far as i know) project from athens. Dark (and at times rhythmic) landscapes and a rather creepy, soundtrack like, ambience with a touch of the goth/ritualistic you could very well expect to listen from more northern territories. Cold meat industry, sure comes to mind. A quite pleasant surprise. (format-noise.com)

WALDCHENGARTEN -in preparation of machines to fall cd
The story of this cd is rather strange, i am informed. Apparently a lot of the copies remained forgotten and unheard in a package until recently discovered and put into circulation again. Music-wise, thre is a a variety of moods and aspects here. Cold and desolation seem to be a common denominator though. From subtle noisy loop tracks to chilly, uneasy ambient, these 2 guys seem to know very well how to put their pedals and buttons to work. Perfect listen for dark, cold and gloomy days. (noisejihad.dk)

OLDMAN - two headz biz biz cd
Free impro rock with a very dark hint. In fact, free impro might not be so accurate, as it has mostly to do with atmospheres and soundscaping. Although the quality of the various sounds and the playing of instruments (namely the typical bass, guitar, drums) is enjoyable, it rather failed to transmit something really interesting. Apart from a general melancholy, which remained in a state of gloomy indecision, throughout the whole listening of this cd. It could be that i failed it as well, music is a 2 way relation, no? Whatever the case:something interesting to have a listen, but for me not one of my most usual options to play. (lowimpedance.net)

MECHA/ORGA - 61:50 cd-r
The lo-fi digital and highly granulated feedback of the first two tracks was a rather boring opening for my demanding ears. I can take feedbacking when it comes from machines, instruments and tiny (or bigger) fucking buttons - computerised feedbacking is something i fail to grasp. At this moment, you could think or even utter loud: why the fuck do we care about your personal opinions?This a review, not a diary. Describe the music, s'il vous plait. Alas, nothing could be further than truth, my friend. There is only the illusion of objectivity: every description is but a a subjective narration. And this is the way things should be: to judge something from a human being having in mind its personal properties, is a necessity. When you don't want to end up in the murky corridors of objective truths and ideologies, that is.
Pondering all these, we are happily arrived at track 3, though, where Mecha/Orga shows a bit of his good old self. Granulated, yes, feedbacking, might be, but nevertheless, rich, gripping and piercing digital drones full of wailing harmonics, building a highly dreamy drony piece of music. Track 4 is a low frequency black hole and as they claim about black holes, nothing can escape the event horizon. I really waited for 13 minutes for something to happen there, but ... So i go back to track 3 for a final taste.It should be called, 31:43 in my humble opinion.(triplebath.gr)

OLEKRANON - s/t cd-r
Like in their previous release, these americans seem to focus on post-rock atmospheric music. But don't expect here the never ending, asphyxiating, guitar lyricism, or shall i say, flatulence(?) of many post-god speed bands. These guys use their instruments to create nice and interesting themes, dressed with beatiful feedbacking etherealisms. And a very clever use of their electronic rhythm section, it should be noted. A touch of no wave is also present to add some interesting points. As i read on the cover this is an edition of only 49 copies, so hurry up and write to:(inamrecs@yahoo.com)