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#11(march 08)

SKULL DEFECTS - blood spirits and drums are singing cd
The title, the rather new ageish cover, even the oriental style drumming in the first seconds of the cd, all conspire to prepare you for the worst:some electric hippy nonsense. It takes just the first riff of the guitar though to prove you utterly and beyond any return to your fallacy, wrong. Aggressive and naked guitars, like the ex but with a sonic youthish edge and thick drumming combined occasionally with -electronic?- noise passages. Even a touch of Kyuss can be felt especially in the vocals and the monotonous sonic assault of the third and in my humble opinion, most amazing song, "the secret". Although there is lots of the Ex and Sonic Youth and some garage spirit, in this cd, still it's a typical conspiracy release as well. That is, the whole post hardcore side of experimental approaches to music.
As i mentioned before, things reach a climax in song no three. There are three more, nice pieces of noise guitar garage punk, but they somewhat move down the slope. Still, absolutely one of my favourite new releases (conspiracyrecords.com)

Aναστεναρια, is an almost ancient ritual still practiced in a few areas of northern greece. The ritual, nowadays completely recapitulated by Christian religion involves an ecstatic condition for the participants and some walking or dancing on burning coals. When i witnessed this ritual a few years ago, i was disapointed: too much christian symbolism and icons, too much sociopolitical antagonism (who is suitable to take part in the ritual and who is not) and not enough ecstatic condition. Still the coal walkers danced easily on the hot coals. Which only made me wonder on how hot a burning coal is after all... Anyway, this is a recording of a ritual back in 1979, which includes apart from the monotonous, trance like patterns of zournas, ntaouli and lyra (that is, strings and drums) an aural description of the various stages of the ritual -sacrificing of an animal, eating it (why people always sacrifice animals to gods and then eat them alone?) etc-. A release which can stand alone as an "ethnic" document, but also as field study of a value. (echomusic.gr)

SCHIZOKINESIS - not enough light to see the darkness cd-r
Home made music. That is, schizokinesis uses what available sources of sound are around from musical instruments (guitar, toy cello and toy synth) to items of everyday use such as chairs, doors, bottles. There are also voices and vocals, both female and male, which altogether construct a dark sonic atmophere. There are 9 pieces of music in this cd-r and in each an idea is introduced. Sometimes it works its way into some pattern sometimes not. Which leaves you with a taste of unfulfilment. Still there are promises and seeds. I'd say wait and see - in the mean time some parts of this cd-r are here for you to enjoy and that is enough. (shadowfields@gmail.com)

KIKO C. ESSEIVA - sous les etoiles cd
Kiko's compositions are based on sounds. Be it from instruments that he uses or from sounds from a door cringing open, water, or scissors or from voices and spoken word. Regardless of their source, sounds are elaborately and expertly layed out, or upon one other, constructing rich and meningfull compositions. And this is what makes kiko esseiva's works so distinctive: although their source material could fall in the category of field recording, what comes out is compositions, with specific paths and destinations. The soundscapes he creates are composite and rich, inviting the listener to follow different tracks. Like in his previous cd (musiques pour hautes parleurs) musique concrete seems a major influence, but here he expands his ideas and themes further. A vey fine release, with new things to be discovered after every listening.(hinterzimmer-records.com)

MANINKARI - le diable avec ses chevaux double cd
A new (i think) band from france. Brothers Charlot share between them viola, samples, keyboards, piano, drums but also santouri (an oriental string instruments which is a pain in the ass to tune but which produces great sound). As one could expect there is the post-rock melancholia, and the moody soundscapes, but cymbals and santouri together with some strange and clever music twists, give an oriental, dream like, turn. There are moments when the sounds might remind godspeed you black emperor, or even guts pie earshot but as i said before, the music of maninkari escapes the category of avant rock or post rock. Very nice arrangements as well and still as i write this review feel the need for more listenings. If , as i understood, this is a debut release then it is quite amazing. (conspiracyrecords.com)

IDIOSCAPES - compilation cd
Although idiosyncratics rec. seem to be around for some time, this appears to be their first release. And what a debut: a compilation with 13 participants such as critical, jazkamer, kk null, rapoon, charlemagne palestine, eve and the sickness, daniel menche, troum among others. So, as one could expect some of the finest droning, experimental and noisy soundscapes here, kk null's and daniel mence's ones being my personal favourites but throughout the whole length of the cd there are great moments of music. (idiosyncratics.net)

EVAPORI - uebergangsfassaden cd-r
Based loosely on field recordings and sounds manipulations, this release seems more to experiment and to explore than to present. There are some nice passages and ideas throughout, but it seems to lack the ability to focus.That's how things go more or less until track 8 (temporare gabaude) where some drony noise give some intensity and the final track 9 (die uneraubten terrassen) with its drony industrial noise and simple repeating rhythm which really kicks and takes you with and makes you wanna play louder. A really good piece, although in my opinion it makes the whole release somehow uneven. Nevertheless, makes you wanna have an ear open for other releases of evapori. (0000-anti.info)

PACIFIC 231 & VOX POPULI! - cthulhu revisitation cd
Consisting mainly of recordings (collaborative between the two projects) of '86, this cd is clearly a retrospective - as many of the releases of monochrome vision are. This is a strange mix of early industrial and experimental music (coming i guess from the side of pacific 231) and more weird, psychedelic folk or even dark neo-folk (from vox populi i guess). Although the 80s aesthetics are definitely present, the music is uncompromising and not easy to categorise. It has great moments as well as some awkward ones, mind provoking nevertheless and even if unconsistent at times, never boring. An interesting journey into strange sounds. (monochromevision.ru)

V./ULTRA MILKMAIDS - drone + unease cd
Drony sounds for an uneasy atmopshere? Music moves around, never staying in one place for too long, deep bass loops giving place to electric loundscapes, while later synth sounds emerge in atmospheric, ambient passages. Towards the middle-end of this cd things seem to settle down a bit and nice, long and intrigue droning sounds emerge, creating dense drony soundscapes. Last track seems to take you in multiple choice of white corridors full with artifacts of the electronic or space age. Quite uneasy. (zeromoon.com)

3 tracks for every participant, both coming from greece. The first three belong to good luck mr.gorksy, which create slow, somewhat melancholic, nice although a bit vain atmospheres mixing the electronic and the organic. Although coming apparently from salonki, they brought me vivid scenes from athens and i was wondering why until i realised that they remind me a lot of drog.a.tek Eventless plot move into more ambient and a bit more electronic fields, although they share the slowness and the melancholy. Like urban afternoon soundtracks. There is a nice continuity between both acts here, although from different approaches and all in all, a nice release. (grannyrecords@yahoo.gr)

QEBO - wroln cd
Fast and playful. Breaks, glitches and clicks and cuts, fast moving electronic music. Uplifting and easy to listen so a bit shallow you might argue. Yeah but when you stare too much at the abyss, the abyss stares at you, or something like this, point is, definitely not stuff to wrap your brain with, still you don't want every music experience to be exhausting. And this is playful and at times funny, with very good quality of sound, music, so if you're into this kind of sound, which i'm not, you should have an ear open.... (lowimpedance.net)

Blows up directly at the beginning. A fast and attacking bassline, some drums and then guitars howling, naked and sharp. 4 of the motherfuckers are supposed to be here, guitars i mean, although actually two might suffice. iD being a previous participant of the guitar noisers headbutt, this is a name to pop in mind, but also head of david, or even t.g. can pass through the by now, somewhat numb, after the sonic mayhem, mind. A great, blasting, song. Rest of the stuff ain't so good, or maybe it is, anyway i usually loop it on track one so how should i know? ashley@londonstudiodesign.co.uk