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#10 (nov.07 - now)

as11 - pneumatic cd-r
AS 11 is an athenian musician. the first two tracks are a live recording, where it seems that a drill or maybe a lathe is attacking some objects. frequencies shift, touching wailing states while sounds float free, creating an intense, factory-like soundscape. not really a sonic mayhem, but a soundscape with free aural spaces amidst which you can spot the individual sounds. the third track moves the whole listening experience a step further as it takes ounds of the same property and mixes - manipulates them in a nice industrial-like track. all in all a worthfull listening adventure. echomusic.gr

wand and princess cd-r
drony ambience by this duo form athens. a somewhat static, maybe liquid as well aural environment with synth sounds on repeating patterns, with soothing and calming tones. on the realms of k.schulze although not so spacy. more earthy sounds with a touch of winter sunday mornings. a bit cold but sunny as well. nice. sndhls.com

earzumba - real rudio pastizo cd-r
the base for earzumba's (christian dergrabedian) playfull soundscape is the use of various samples (i could spot movies and pop songs and lots of guns as well) along with harmonica sounds. the sceneries change fast like a collage of movies maybe, sounds move all the way from "pop"instrumental to field recordings. refreshing and stimulating, although too vague to really make me focus. definitely for south climates. absurd.void.gr earzumba.com

karmajakan intonarumori - thorns in our bodies cd-r
Starts with a real powerful industrial repeating noise , machines emmiting harsh frequencies. After the third track of this cd-r things become more harsh-noisy and tend to end upo in noise mayhems. Still, it is kicking and refreshing. nice to blow your mind. smellthestench.net

astro - cosmic mosque in the magical mountain top cd-r
japanese musician astro creates a dense, full of synth frequencies, sequence of sound waves. waves that unlike the sea ones don't get you wet but after all a wave is currying energy not water or sound. so what to they do? they don't, in my humble opinion, curry you on a top of any mountain, let alone a magical one, they tend to stabilise you instead where you might happen to be and fill your aural space with a shower of sounds. at this point you might guess, judging from my attempt of describing it and its -ambitious- title that we deal with a psychedelic soundscape. truth is: it could be ideal for a meditation while on a bad acid trip. ideal for what you might wonder. for adding some spice and interesting turns to the whole bad acid experience i would answer. the question of course should be: who the hell wants to meditate while on bad acid trip?
to our point: quite static and kinda unnerving, on the other hand weird and mind attacking, not in a kind of "cosmic" way but still... give it a try form : 8mmrecs.com

family battle snake - frozen womb cd-r
drony harsh and mildly psychedelic. organic and mechanic sounds tangle along each other looping and repeating. stuff to listen loud not often but nice to exsperience. fbsnake@gmail.com

fredrik ness sevendal- no foly bow cd
One more great release by norwegian f.n.s. Combining organic ambience with weird folk, he narrates stories of wooden houses, dark forests and crispy cold mornings. Some of his stories show a healthy amount of psychedelia, some others are lost in the post rock embarassment. At the end of this cd you want to play it again and this is the most important. a co release by humbug and apartmentrecords.com