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#9 (feb.07 )

MATTIN - proletarian of noise cd
It is not the first time that a release of basque Mattin, makes me dive into ambiguity. On one hand we can see its musical aspect: harsh, penetrating, at times ear bleeding even, computer processed sounds topped up by screaming distorting vocals in the whitehouse tradition. On the other hand we have the lyrics of attitude fetishist, you are stuck as free human being and thesis on noise. Good, provocative a bit, anti-capitalist texts which somehow combine perfectly with the nervous, wild frequencies. And consequently receive lots of hype by the media of the noise market -which like any other market deals with commodities, but similar to art market its commodification sometimes includes attitudes and human presences. Or, as mattin himself states in you are stuck as human being "you, in aquiring this work, in trying to understand it and make sense of it, are being part of a market which is not just producing us as commodities but also as symbolic and cultural value". The market will not sell this cd only as a representation of music, but also as a representation af attitude, even of revolutionary aspect. What sets mattin apart though, from the endless bunch of artists who try to sell themselves using revolutionary language, is his insistent aesthetic and ideologic handling of his work and its anticopyright nature. And hence, the ambiguity, of this work (and also of his previous one, together with lucio capese, as NMM, the No More Music at the Service of Capital). Leaving the ambiguous paths aside though: wild, moving and attacking noise music. www.himarimusic.com www.mattin.org

MECHA/ORGA - 56:24 cd
A long piece of electronic drone music. Starts slowly and kinda dream inducing, with a warm organic sound which recieves minor modifications as frequencies are filtered in and out. This goes on for more or less half an hour when slowly the drone becomes more aggressive. High tone, feedback sounds build a new layer while more high harmonics add up and alter the previous layers. Being 100% laptop music don't expect a wild, out of control, mayhem of sounds. The climax is there, no doubt about it; after around 50 minutes high frequencies razor shave your ears while a repeating bass sound gives promises of a stomach ache. But it is a controlled climax which touches and caresses but seems afraid or unable to penetrate. The bass sound remains on the background and even the new layers of high-freq filtered drones don't change its character. After 56 minutes and a few seconds everything fades out leaving you, the listener with somehow more expectations. But then you realise you have really enjoyed it so: nice one, yiorgis.

TOKYO MASK - hinterlands cd
Tokyo Mask, a one man project from Patras, Greece, in this -third- release of him, seems to follow the same approach. The rhythms are deep and slow, coming from dark passages, and the sounds are swirling and drony creating a dark and full of expectations ambience. Every of the eight tracks of this cd combines a slowly evolving rhythm where new layers add up with a delicate use of delay and travelling ambient sounds which at points seem to become threatening and attacking but at the end never do. I liked almost every track of this cd, although on the other hand i needed a third listening to e able to set some apart. And even then i spotted no great differencies. It is not thta the tracks are much alike; it is more that the same slow tempo, deep and pleasant mood dominates. Which is not bad at all. www.lowimpedance.net

These 2 guys (grek and swiss) also play together as sudden infant these days but this cdr contains some of their "solo" recordings. First 5 tracks belong to Joke (sudden onfant) who produces a playfull and moving variety of noises. Starts with retching, vomiting sounds and strange noises and continues with more strange noises and sounds. At times they are arranged into rhytmic repeating sequencies, like on track 4 but mostly it's a mayhem of sounds, noises and at times voices. Refreshing listening for sure. Kouligas from his part has a more straight forward approach. The noisy soundscapes he constructs here seem mostly based on the exploitation of feedbacks from various sources when passed through petals. They too are somewhat playful, but although not boring they don't really seem to take you anywhere as well. Track no 9 is an exception as it offers more consistency and intensity. All in all an interetsting and at points refreshing listen. www.void.gr/absurd

FAMILY BATTLE SNAKE - crawling madness cdr
This is a live recording of this greek duo . Starts with an organic drone, high frequenced and kinda raw. Souds come and go by the use of effect petals and from the beginning the sound expands to almost all of the aural space around you, creating a psychedelic, almost mystic soundscape. And for the next 22 minutes it moves back and forth, a bit here and a bit there, until it fades out. A pleasant drony experience, which for sure would be much more intense live. fbs@gmail.com

CHAIM NEPULU - the holy virgin cdr
A quite straight forward approach: computer sounds and synthesis, kinda early electro aesthetics. Nice sequencies and sounds and technoid rhythms coming and going. Compact and consistent, full of nerve and with a polayful mood, the sound on this cd comes form the heart of the good old computer and seems proud for it! And it does offer a pleasant and moving listening experience. www.minorlabel.de

Monotonik is one guy project, from saloniki, greece. Starts with a rich ambient texture, computer generated and moves with speeding things upo with noiz techno rhythm and noiz, in the lines of celluloid mata. The different rhythmic patterns follow one another and by the end of track 3 it is really moving and nice. Things proceed somewhere on the downhill though, sounds and rhythms become somewhat more lounge in character, therefore much less kicking. As this is his first release, i can guess the lack of a uniformity is caused by the desire to use and explore different styles. and that leaves you -at least of left me- expecting the next release. This is diy release, anti-commercial release and the only way to get it is to recive it as a gift or to rade for it so write down his address and send your demands: mono_tonik@yahoo.gr

A three way split of sorts. Canadian polar noiiz performer E. Boros has a long excerpt form some of his live performances. Words cut up and then repeated through petals, noises and frequencies interrupting abruptly, some more noise assaults and words again. The aural space is eventful and you are left with this impression: of something eventful which you will want to play again. That is not usually the case with live recordings from performance artists: what in the gig would be a nice experienece becomes meaningless exercises in style, completely undifferent to the listener.
Crank Sturgeon's and id m theftables live radio performance which is included as track 4 moves along the same l.ines. The unexpectant and the playful take the most important part in this series of aural events with the word "funny" blibikng on your brain. Processed voices, radio mumblings, strange sounds; they all build an incoherent cut-up style narrative.
Moggim have three shorter tracks, whith guitar and violin. Although not unpleasant they failed to convey something to me, at parts some of the guitar sounds were interesting but all in all all 3 of the tracks left me with a vague impression of a general exercise in slight abuse of both instruments. And i hold nothing against the abuse of instruments, mind you; on the contrary i do think that as monuments need to be defaced in order to manifest their true nature, instruments need osmetimes to be tortured and misused in order to reveal their potential. But this is just not the case with moggim as the abuse is more of an artistic, mild way.
this cd can be used as both a document on some of the most interesting noise performers of our time and as a refreshing and uneasy listening - mostly tracks 2 and 4 that is. Excellent artwork as well. www.manufracture.net