this is what came out of financial constraints and the rising fares of easyjet. this is how it went: croatan ensemble's gig for yuria festival in athens, in nov. 07, had to be cancelled the last minute due to the inability of the one half of them to pay the ticket from london to athens. so that left the other half (iason, also member of cities in desolation, emissions of negativity and ps stamps back) being pressed to perform anyway even alone. which was something that he was utterlly bored to do. as a last minute decision he joined forces with aris (ex member of one with the universe) and the concert was done. debts paid and cleared. a short edit of this gig was released at yuria cd compilation, under the name croatan express.
after a concert at yfanet squatt, in saloniki, and some rehearsals they agreed in some common music paths. namely, long noisy drones and hard rhythms, produced by modified strings, laptop, pedals effects, self made and modified electronics and contact mics.
a cd-r is out by 1000+1 TiLt + a track in the "Divine Providence" cd-r by S.I.R. records
here is what you can listen:
sound 1
sound 2