notes on copyright

copyright is theft. when one copyrights or patents something (be it music or human gene map), steals it form our world to keep it imprisoned for one's own profit.
copyright is based on a lie. that of originality in creation or art. the music we play, the paintings we do, the novels we write, they never come out of the blue; they are products of the interaction between the world (with its cultural influences) and the self.
copyright implies bad character. people we would give them a a call to go out for a beer, when they take something from the community, care to return it better. people who take something form the community and refuse to return it (unless they get paid) are in general people we avoid, or pretend we don't see when we meet in the streets.
copyright is validation of the state laws. with the state acting as a pimp, all too subversive artists defend their intellectual rights- that is their right to steal and oppress.
copyright is the continuation of exploitation and greed in the intellectual sphere. just as the first person who said: "this piece of land is mine" and begun the history of slaughter and exploitation which characterizes humanity, the copyright owner tries to persuade us that the sound she recorded on the md that somebody else made, processed with a filter cosntructed by somebody else, belongs to her. we can just wonder when the sound of the birds or a thunder will start breaking the copyright laws. then we will at least know that we are seriously fucked up. big time and for good. for ever and ever.
copyright is prison. its walls are made of laws, its guards of obedience to them. invisible -but all too present- walls fragment the public space and the width of human experience.
copyright is a bad philosophy for life. which becomes such a grim business when we waste it with ownership and greed. when we share, pleasure is multiplied; when we own divided and fragmented.


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