this project started when 4 people(no female among them, mind you) for reasons too obscure to mention decided to spend a few days in a basement outside athens, on the easter of 2003. there, instead of taking walks to the blooming nature around them, they stuck in the basement, connecting machines, instruments etc mildly abusing a few substances and producing some considerable amounts of improvised noise. the best part of the recording was lost, what was left was released though.
so they developed a habit of meeting once a year or so, with some new people coming, some going and recording in the same way.
being somehow a ghost project, adaptories can expect neither sex, nor drugs as a result of their fame or success. so they can not help throwing all their frustration into what remains: rock'n'roll. which is more than mildly abused.

releases (all on 1000+1 TiLt):
failed attempts at ambient world |cd-r
music playground revisited |cd-r
katas |cd-r

destroyed people in paperbags
the revenge of the wee pathetic robots
the infinite of human stupidity